Flex Offense: Screener Isolation

The Flex Offense is a favourite of many coaches and has become a highly developed offensive philosophy in its own right. A variation to add depth to the possible options available is the Screener Isolation Play. Within the Flex Offense the Screener Isolation Play places a player on one side of the floor and the rest of the team on the other. This isolates the player for an opportunity to go one on one with their defender.


Alternatively, if an offensive team is facing a particularly dominant defensive player then this player can be worked into the position of guarding the player who steps out away from the keyway. This will see this player separated from the remainder of the team and less likely able to provide strong help defence support the remainder of the team.


The Flex Offense Screener Isolation Play only takes a minimum amount of time to execute and then possibly be reset. This allows the offense to be paired with other plays and then used in tandem to try attempt a mix-up that will confuse and throw the defence into possible confusion.

Flex Offense: Screener Isolation Diagram 1
Flex Offense: Screener Isolation Diagram 1

Five (5) sets a flex screen for Three (3) to cut over and attack basket. This movement replicates the first initial cut within a standard flex offense. This ensures the defence will not be able to initially anticipate the variation in the offense.


After completing the screening process Five (5) reverse pivots to face up to basket.


The ball is then passed into the post player (five).


This movement isolates the Five (5) as the only player on the strong side of the floor. The Five (5) player will have an opportunity to work for a scoring opportunity during the next few seconds before the weak side screening actions occur.


If a team has a particularly strong Five (5) player offensively, the timing can be slowed further to allow of the Five (5) player to have more time isolated.


Scoring Options:


  • Pass made to Three (3) of Flex cut to basket.
  • Shot or drive by Five (5) on pass.
Flex Offense: Screener Isolation Diagram 2
Flex Offense: Screener Isolation Diagram 2

Strong side players (One and three) will screen for the weak side players (Two and Four).


One (1) should attempt to set the screen for Two (2) on the weak side of the split line. This will enable Two (2) to cut directly into the middle lane of the floor and take the shortest route to the basket.


Two (2) and Three (3) must make sure that a lead is created prior to moving off of the screens. This will ensure the best possible chance of being separated from their respect defenders.


If Four’s defender is caught on the screen or is behind the player as they are heading into the keyway, then there is an opportunity to initiate a pin and seal the defender on the back of Four (4). This technique can be actioned on the weak side of the split line in the keyway and will allow for the maximum scope for creating a passing opportunity from Five (5).


Scoring Options:


  • Two (2) cutting off of screen.
  • Four (4) cutting off of screen.


If no scoring opportunity presents, players can move into the closest perimeter position with Four (4) becoming the Flex screener.

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