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The Evolution of a Player’s Shot

Making a Shot in basketball is one of the main driving factors for players to constantly work on their game. Refining their technique, improving their shooting percentage, and then making that shot in a game is all part of the deep seeded motivation behind many hours of individual training on courts around the world.

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Preparing for Tournament Play: Scouting

Scouting is one of the more important aspects to a coach’s preparation for a tournament. For many coaches the act of scouting itself has a number of flow on effects within the team’s preparation and overall scheduling of events during a tournament. Developing a deeper understanding about scouting when heading into a tournament situation can therefore have a significant impact on an outcome as well as the how time is spent.

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Common Problems seen when Passing to a Cutter

Passing to a Cutter in the half court is really one of the least focused on activities during training sessions. It is however, the most fundamental of techniques in generating and executing offense. Without the ability to pass to cutters every team’s offense would be slow, one dimensional and lack the ability to perform regularly.

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When to Change to a Zone Defence during a Game

A Zone Defence is just one of a large array of options that a coach has during a game. If you do not have an “array of options” then you probably need to think about how you will manage a wider range of situations defensively. A Zone Defence,

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Preparing for Tournament Play: Recovery

Tournament Play can be very challenging for players because of the sheer number of games condensed into a small amount of time so Recovery will play a significant part in a team’s winning formula. With this in mind, early preparation when it comes to planning a groups recovery sessions will be the key.

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