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Basketball Coaching in a Remote Community

Basketball Coaching does not always happen within a supportive environment like in an established program. In the corners of many rural or regional areas clubs, schools or associations are started or established by individuals, not boards, or committees. In these types of situations where there is a “bare bones” approach to what can be offered,

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Teaching and Learning Cycle

The Teaching and Learning Cycle is a remarkably simple way of thinking about the instruction and learning steps a player and team progress through on their way to developing knowledge, skills and ultimately competence. The Teaching and Learning Cycle is not overly complicated by for many coaches this simple progression will be all that is needed in framing what and how to instruct during their training sessions and games.

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Cutting a Player from your Team

Holding the position of being a Basketball Coach can be one of the greatest experiences an individual can have, but Cutting a player from your team is not a pleasant process. Coaches both at the junior and senior levels of sport all have to undertake the activity of cutting players at one time or another.

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Building a Positive Team Culture: Encouragement and Praise

Talk to any coach and they will highlight recite the state that to be a truly great team you need to have a Positive Team Culture. A team’s culture will determine a number of characteristics about the performance that is able to be demonstrated on the court.

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