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Behaviour Management for Young Players

For any coach the challenge of controlling a group of young athletes can be intimidating, the strategies that form part of the process are called behaviour management.

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Basketball Coaching and Time Management

When involved in the activity of Basketball Coaching one of the constant concerns for a good work and life balance is Time Management. Unfortunately, while basketball coaching for the majority of coaches is a passion, that is all it is. Most coaches, the vast majority of coaches spend their time involved in the activity of basketball coaching for the love of the game.

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Using the Shot Clock with Purpose

Being able to have good Shot Clock management is something many coaches see as a secondary element to a team’s offense and execution. When broken down however examining the phases of offense and desired shots in line with the shot clock can be an invaluable exercise in helping to improve the basketball intelligence of a team.

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Training Session Planning

When coaches first start out in coaching one area of great concern is the training session planning. This is one of the highlighted important aspects of developmental coaching. For senior coaches who meet with their players on a daily basis (sometimes even more than one session) training session planning takes on another role as a tool for revision and evaluation on a professional management level.

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