Two Ball Rebounding Drill

The Two Ball Rebounding Drill blends a boxing-out situation with a multiple possession scenario. Too often drills do not provide the opportunity for players to have to back up their performance continuously within the drills progression. It is only with a sustained performance that competence can truly be demonstrated by a player when performing a skill. The Two Ball Rebounding Drill fills this need by having the defence not only secure possession, but also then have to perform the activity again in quick succession.


The key focus of the Two Ball Rebounding Drill is on the performance of the fundamental technique of boxing out and securing possession consistently. It is worth noting that not only should players be looking to perform the correct technique in rebounding, but must also look to “read” the likely rebounding area the ball is going to travel into. This should be the shining principle of all rebounding drills. Players must not only learn to secure their defensive match-up, but also start to anticipate the likely spots the ball will rebound to when a shot is taken from different areas and distances on the floor.


When first implementing the Two Ball Rebounding Drill a coach must focus on pushing the offensive players to be aggressive in offensive rebounding. All too often offensive players are lazy in crashing the boards. This cheats the defence of the possible potential that could be obtained through the implementation of the Two Ball Rebounding Drill.


Once a coach has managed to motivate the offense to crash the boards initially, the next challenge will be again with the offense, but in pushing the offensive players to make a secondary effort within each rebounding situation. Many times defensive players will lose their player once the initial contact is made to stop the offensive player. This is a critical situation in coaching offensive rebounding that the offensive players once having their momentum stop do not allow the defence to then maintain contact. But break off from the defence and have a secondary attempt at reaching the basket.

Two Ball Rebounding Drill Diagram 1
Two Ball Rebounding Drill Diagram 1

The purpose of the Two Ball Rebounding Drill is to teach players to use extra effort when offensive rebounding and to box out, rebound and outlet the ball.


The Two Ball Rebounding Drill starts with three offensive players and three defensive players, two coaches or managers, and two balls. Each coach/manager has a ball.


The drill revolves around a 3 on 3 competition between the offense and defence in fighting for a rebound.


The Two Ball Rebounding Drill Starts with the coach shooting the ball.


If the defence gains control, they outlet the ball to the coach without a basketball.


If the offense gains control, they should try to score. If the offense ends up scoring then the drill re-sets with the same players on defence.


As soon as the first ball is controlled by the defence and passed out, the other coach or manager shoots the second ball.


Both groups rebound both shots. Continue the drill until the offense rebounds and scores or the defence secures two rebounds in a row (both basketballs).




The coach can have players screen, move and cut in 3 on 3 motion concepts in order to change the defence’s position.


Another option for varying the Two Ball Rebounding Drill is to increase the number of players involved in the drill. Sides can be increased to four or five members.

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