1 v 1 From the Wing Drill

The 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill is a fantastic drill for providing a controlled environment for an offensive or defensive player to hone their skills. By implementing the desired team principles, a coach has for the offense and defence the fundamental principles of the team can be put in place early to later be built upon.


Aggressive play should be encouraged by the offense to ensure they assert themselves upon the defence and not be dictated to. All too often in one on one situations like those in the 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill the offense is very controlled and restricted. The offensive player must feel they have a licence to create and take risks to increase their skill set.

1 v 1 From the Wing Drill Diagram 1
1 v 1 From the Wing Drill Diagram 1

One (1) uses v-cut to get free from defender and then receives a pass from the coach.


One (1) must use good receiving principles such as leading for the ball after the v-cut by using a good explosion of speed and carrying hands to provide a target for the passer to aim for.


It is not usual for players in this drill not to create a good seal with the defensive player on their back during the v-cut. The offensive player must make contact and completely seal the defender.


Additionally it is not uncommon for the offensive player to slow as they become near to their desired receiver spot. This however, will often allow the defensive player to recover an inside position and lead to a deflection or steal. The offensive player must continue to run at pace until they have received the pass.


When One (1) receives the ball, One has 1 dribble to beat opponent.


Common issues seen when the offensive player receives the pass is not assuming a triple threat stance or taking a non-threatening body position such as facing away from the basket or putting the ball above their head. Offensive players must be drilled in asserting themselves onto the defence and forcing this player to engage on defence.


The Offence can use a shot fake, pass fake and drive fake. These can of course be used in combination to break the defence down.


It is the goal of the defence to contain the ball and not allow middle penetration by the offensive player. Implementation of the coaches desired defensive principles is a must even in the 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill. All drills and activities need to reflect what is expected by offensive and defensive players all the time.




An option available is to change the number of dribbles the offensive player can use in the 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill. A key point for coaches to remember however is to not increase the amount of dribbles used only to make the offense more wasteful with the possession.


By limiting the amount of dribbles this also makes the offense more game realistic in the sense of using available space by the offense during a game situation.


Another variation is to rotation the position of where the players are v-cutting to in the 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill. For example, the coach can move to the wing position and pass to the players leading to the top of the three-point line at the Point Position.


The final suggested variation for the 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill is to replace the Coach as the passer for another player. This offensive player can also be guarded by a defender so there is a game realistic situation played out leading to the execution of the pass to the intended receiver. Because the 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill is focuses around a one on one situation this player once passing cannot take part in the play, but this can of course be changed as players become more competent with the drills activities and be changed to more of a 2 v 2 scenario.


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