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First Training Session of a New Season

The First Training Session of a new season can be quite the challenge even for an experienced coaches. There are any number of tasks to be undertaken which will help with the rest of the season in planning, implementation and ongoing management of the team. The first training session for a new coach will be a time to settle their nerves and start to implement their philosophy.

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Making Your Training Session Specific to Your Needs

If you are a coach, a Training Session is the vehicle for most of the delivery of information and knowledge that is communicated to a team. When looking at a training session however, there is a very limited amount of time most coaches have with their teams to achieve the things they need to be successful.

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The Drill Selection Differences between Senior and Junior Teams

Drill Selection is one of the most troubling concerns for junior coaches from their range of roles. Finding drills that are suitable for their team and that are reflective of their needs can be an exhaustive process. What might come as a surprise for many coaches is that drill selection is also a significant task for senior or experienced coaches.

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Training Session Planning

When coaches first start out in coaching one area of great concern is the training session planning. This is one of the highlighted important aspects of developmental coaching. For senior coaches who meet with their players on a daily basis (sometimes even more than one session) training session planning takes on another role as a tool for revision and evaluation on a professional management level.

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