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7 Principles of Attacking a Press

When facing a Press there are a number of different principles that will help limit the impact of the traps effectiveness against a team. These principles are not strategies, but rather basic technical skills and tactics that will help develop consistency and effectiveness of a strategy against a press no matter the offensive philosophy or system being employed.

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Teaching the Pass Fake

The Pass Fake is one of the more effective technical skills in basketball. It is invaluable when facing aggressive opponents or those locked into a zone defence formation. In all of these situations, the Fake is the one tool that can make the difference between players becoming frustrated and making poor choices and opportunities being presented.

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Three Spot Individual Offense Drill

The Three Spot Individual Offense Drill is a solid drill for introducing one on one offensive principles to players. This drill is primary focused around the junior ranks of player development, but there are some variations that make the drill more beneficial for older players. The Three Spot Individual Offense Drill is easy for a coach to manage and is great for having a number of players involved in activity with a high degree of player movement.

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Teaching the Shot Fake

The Shot Fake is one of the great supplementary skills a basketball player can develop to help gain an advantage. The Shot Fake has the ability to confuse and physically shift a defender, which can be exploited in the form of a timing, foot speed or uncontested shot advantage by an offensive player.

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Figure Eight Close-out Drill

The Figure Eight Close-out Drill is a useful drill to blend the learning of the fundamental techniques of passing and the close-out in a low pressure competitive situation. Players will have the opportunity to practice passing under pressure. For a coach a number of passes can be focused upon in quick succession with little time being wasted changing between the different focus techniques.

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