Basketball Coaching and Using Key Word Searches

Basketball Coaching is a worldwide fraternity. With over three hundred countries participating in basketball as a sport, there is a wide range of styles and opinions on how basketball is most effectively coached and played. A person only needs to reflect on the wide array of different countries, from different continents, that make up the top fifty countries in the FIBA rankings to see the true global appeal of basketball. It is because of this global appeal that basketball is one of the few sports where a world of knowledge lies on the internet just waiting to be discovered by interested coaches.


For coaches who are unfamiliar with the internet, they may find it hard to search out this information. As an example, just by typing in the search words “Basketball Coaching” will return many millions of search results. Some of these results will be excellent sources of information, while other results for the “Basketball Coaching” search will have less worth in a coach’s search for knowledge.


The internet can unlock a world of resources for basketball coaches (Source: THOR)
The internet can unlock a world of resources for basketball coaches (Source: THOR)

It is important to note here that just because a website is not located on the first one, two, or three pages of search results does not have it useless to your needs. As a coach searching for knowledge you should be willing to spend a little more time sifting through the results to find a bank of websites that meet your knowledge needs. It is important to remember that anyone can post almost anything on the internet so by having a collection of different websites this should hopefully even out any extreme views you might encounter on your research.


Another benefit of collecting a number of different pieces of information about the same topic is that with every page read, a certain amount of new knowledge will be discovered. This should help provide a wider range of information on which to start to develop some awareness about a coaching philosophy.


There are many different techniques for searching for information. One of the simplest is to be specific about what you would like to find. Always include the term “Basketball” or “Basketball Coaching” in your search to ensure the results are specific to basketball. For example, type in “Zone Defence” and you will have a range of different sports returned in the search results with a spattering of basketball relevant material throughout.


By selecting relevant terms such as “Basketball” or “ULCA Offense” this is what is referred to as your internet searches Key Words. These words help define what specifically you would like from the search enquiry. The more specific you key words are the better quality your search results will be. If you find however that you do not receive any relevant search results this can mean you might need to change the key words used or eliminate some of these words to make the search a little broader.


Additionally, the use of inverted commas will help group words together. The difference is that the key words Box Offense will provide a wider range of search results then “Box Offense”. This is because the inverted commas group the words together in the specific order typed and they must appear as they are typed. While the search undertaken without the inverted commas will show results relevant to Box, Offense and Box Offense.


Another feature which is not commonly used or many people are not aware of is the Advanced Search. This feature asks for further information to be used in conjunction to the key words and so more specific information will be found for basketball coaching as a result.

In conclusion, there is a need when searching for basketball coaching knowledge to master the various different technologies available. Basketball coaching’s technical, tactical, physiological or psychological information can be found right across the internet. Just take some time to find this information and you will have a great asset.

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