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Basketball Coaching and Creating a Positive Environment

When Basketball Coaching there is always rhetoric about creating a positive environment. But what does that mean? For many coaches involved with basketball coaching the limits of a positive environment extend to them using the sandwich technique when they are proving constructive feedback to players. The reality is however that in creating a positive environment there are a number of different strategies coaches can adopt.

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Basketball Coaching and Using Key Word Searches

Basketball Coaching is a worldwide fraternity. With over three hundred countries participating in basketball as a sport, there is a wide range of styles and opinions on how basketball is most effectively coached and played. A person only needs to reflect on the wide array of different countries,

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VARK Learning Styles and Coaching

As a coach one of the starting points for evaluating the effectiveness of your coaching can be to evaluate what learning styles you cater for in your team’s development. Learning styles refer to the most effective and efficient way in which an individual receives and understands information.

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