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Why have a Substitution Strategy

A Substitution Strategy is a blueprint for how a coach would like to rotate players on and off the court. A substitution strategy is a tactic that for many coaches helps manage often high-pressure situations and keeps the team’s engine ticking over.

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Coaching Against a Run; What you can do when your Team is in a Scoring Drought

One of the more frustrating situations in basketball is when you are coaching against a run or often called a scoring drought. From the coaches perspective sometimes the problems associated with the scoring drought can be easily defined, which makes this all to more frustrating if it is a reoccurring scenario.

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5 Ways to Improve the Role of the Team’s Bench during Games

A basketball team’s bench is a place that most players would prefer not to be when there is live action on the floor. Nevertheless, for a majority of players at least throughout different phases of their careers the bench will be a place they must learn to manage and deal with.

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The Invaluable Sixth Man

The Sixth Man position in basketball is awarded to the player who is often first off the bench and into the on court line-up. This player fills a very valuable role for your team in providing a consistent and sustained effort even when rotations happen throughout the game.

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Four Ways to think about Substitutions Strategically

Part of running a team in basketball is to a good rotation amongst your players through strategic Substitutions. Getting your substitutions right can often mean the difference between creating an advantage, or having your team taken advantage of. Having a good vision about what you want to achieve as part of your substitutions strategy in basketball will assist with making good decisions in pressure situations.

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