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Coaching Against a Run; What you can do when your Team is in a Scoring Drought

One of the more frustrating situations in basketball is when you are coaching against a run or often called a scoring drought. From the coaches perspective sometimes the problems associated with the scoring drought can be easily defined, which makes this all to more frustrating if it is a reoccurring scenario.

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Defensive Change-up: Advanced Tactics in Defence

A very effective tactic for teams to utilise in disrupting their opponents is employing a Defensive Change-up. Many teams have a number of defensive sets that they call upon to for a variety of scenarios. However, most teams only employ these tactics in specific situations such as following time-outs or breaks in play.

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Eight Tips to Change-up your Drills

There are a number of reasons why as a coach should look to Change-up your Drills. Many coaches over the course of several years will develop a Drill Bank, into which they add drills they have used and found to be beneficial. These drills while often providing a number of benefits for your team can become rather stale for the players and staff if utilised too heavily.

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