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Quotes for Coaches: A Coaches Quotes for Reflection

Quotes for coaching looks at inspirational and motivational quotes for coaches. At times when the role of coaching is a little challenging and you need to find some light at the end of the tunnel then reflect back on these quotes especially selected for coaches.


Maybe use the quotes as a way to start each week with a new focus or motivation?

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Quotes for Coaching: Teamwork

Quotes help highlight sometimes what is not always easy to communicate about Teamwork. Quotes are sometimes a useful way also approaching topics within the team that are fraught with conflict or emotion such as honesty, trust and living with mistakes.


When looking to use a quote around teamwork remember that the quote is only a way of starting the discussion and to be effective you need to allow for the opportunity of team discussion around the topic.

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Quotes for Coaching: Motivation and Inspiration

Quotes are a tool that many coaches use to help set the context for a discussion or situation. Quotes can be a fantastic tool that can be used as a starting point for a discussion or as a concluding point about a topic. Quotes can be used in the game or training sessions and can be included in your pre-game talk or your teams playbook.

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