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Transitioning from Form Shooting to Game Shooting

Form Shooting is a technique used to help players develop, or refine their shooting technique. At the heart of the form shooting teaching strategy is the philosophy that slowing the technical movement down helps a player to realise the issues surrounding their shot. The challenge for athletes and coaches alike comes in transferring the knowledge learned in a static environment of form shooting,

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3 Reasons Why Form Shooting Should be Important to You

Form Shooting is a type of shooting method where each item of the technique is broken down into more easily manageable pieces and corrections made accordingly. Form shooting allows for a coach or player to spend time with their shot ironing out any particular flaw that maybe having a significant affect upon their overall shot.

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One Hand Form Shooting Drill

The One Hand Form Shooting Drill is all about a player developing their fundamental technique. Every player will need to work on breaking down and building up their shot form constantly. In this way an individual can continually refine their technique to be better with each day they utilise this shooting drill.

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Upper Body Problems and Solutions for a Players Shooting Technique

A player’s Shooting Technique will need to be refined for as long as they intend to be involved with the sport of basketball. For some players this process will be more of a challenge then it is for others. The challenge however will remain even for very proficient shooters as they continue to find and define that advantage in long-range or consistent shooting.

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Problems and Solutions for a Players Head and Vision during their Jump Shot

Helping a player with their Jump Shot is always one of the more important roles a coach must perform in assisting in their player’s development. The jump shot of a player can be greatly improved with some simple coaching points of emphasis. However, to become a good shooter,

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