One Hand Form Shooting Drill

The One Hand Form Shooting Drill is all about a player developing their fundamental technique. Every player will need to work on breaking down and building up their shot form constantly. In this way an individual can continually refine their technique to be better with each day they utilise this shooting drill.


Form shooting is all about controlling an individual’s technique. A coach when implementing the One Hand Form Shooting Drill should make sure the player understands that they are trying to make the perfect shot, through perfect form, from every attempt.

One Hand Form Shooting Drill Diagram 1
One Hand Form Shooting Drill Diagram 1

The One Hand Form Shooting Drill starts with the player in front of the basket. The player continues to shoot until they have “made” three shots in a row. Once they have accomplished this standard they then move back to position Number 2.


This pattern continues; a player must make three shots in a row before moving back along the line until they reach the three-point line and position Number 5.


Once a player has mastered this routine the next stage in the One Hand Form Shooting Drill sees the player now move to the same repetition from side on to the basket. As indicated by the spots to the left and right of the basket a player now looks to perform the same activity from the left and right side of the basket. This is an important progression as players often train from in front of the basket and this creates a reliance on the look of the basket from only this position.


It is interesting, but when a player moves from shooting in front of the basket to the side, they will often shoot the ball very poorly for a period of time. This will change however following some practice and commitment to the activity.


Once a player has reached the point of being able to consistently shoot well from the front and sides of the basket there is still a further progression to challenge the individual. Instead of the player now having to make three shots in a row, they now have to make three “swishes” in a row. A swish is a made shot that does not touch the sides of the basketball hoop.


In taking part in the One Hand Form Shooting Drill there are a number of teaching points to be constantly reinforced. These include:


  • Player is to maintain good balance and weight evenly distributed between both feet
  • Feet should not be only slightly wider then shoulder width
  • The energy to push the ball towards the basket should start in the toes and build as the shooting form of the player is realised
  • The ball should be gripped in one hand. The ball should not touch the palm, but be raised  off the palm by the fingers
  • Elbow should be under the ball and point at the basket in preparation for the arm extension and follow through to the basket
  • A player is to hold their shooting arm fully extended and in place where they release until the ball is through the hoop.
  • Focus on the shooting arm making a straight line between the shoulder, elbow, wrist and middle finger and then the middle of the basket


The One Hand Form Shooting Drill is a fantastic activity by which a player can improve their shooting accuracy and technique. If enough time is spent, using the fundamental breakdowns possible with the One Hand Form Shooting Drill then a player can see rapid improvements.

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