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Improving Concentration during Foul Shooting

Foul Shooting tends to be one of the highlight statistics that is mentioned by every coach following a game. The importance of foul shooting is highlighted further if a team is involved in a tight loss in which the team’s percentage of made shots is below what is set as the expectation is.

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Turning Your Players Attention to What they Can Control

Most coaches will know that players if they focus on the wrong things, like things they cannot control, will waste energy, time and effort. One of the many aspects of coaching is about helping players to focus on things that will move the individual and team forward.

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5 Things you can do to Coach Better on Court

Every coach worth their salt works hard to refine their craft and Coach Better on court. It is not just good enough for a coach to be able to plan and present your training sessions. To truly master being a high quality coach you must communicate in an effective and efficient manner.

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