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Getting the Most Out of Your Team Manager

A Team Manager is really the most important person within a program. The Team Manager makes all the logistics that go into the behind the scenes and just general running of a program come together. For many coaches however relying on a single person so much can be challenging and in many ways be difficult as their relationship is one of being a peer unlike all others within the team setting where the coach is the leader in many instances.

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Scouting Individual Players

Scouting is one of the most valuable techniques that a coach can employ to help their team prepare for the challenges that lie ahead in a game. Scouting is often over looked though as a possible option due to the amount of time required for an analysis to be completed.

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What Causes a Turnover?

A Turnover in basketball, as in any sport is a wasted opportunity. It is the worst result for an offensive team as a conclusion to their possession. Nevertheless, a turnover like any event that happens on the court is very often not the result of some bad luck,

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Improving Concentration during Foul Shooting

Foul Shooting tends to be one of the highlight statistics that is mentioned by every coach following a game. The importance of foul shooting is highlighted further if a team is involved in a tight loss in which the team’s percentage of made shots is below what is set as the expectation is.

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