Introduction to Conditioning for Basketball

The main reason for including conditioning in your training sessions is to prepare to the athletes so that they are ready to meet the demands and requirements for the basketball in the game environment. Basketball is a game which involves all the Components of Fitness such as Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance and Flexibility. These components can be seen in activities such as jumping, running, strength and quickness. So adequate conditioning is necessary for the team to perform at and above the required standard of the games they are participating in. Coaches must discover the proper conditioning and fitness methods that can keep their players fit and primed for the needs of the season ahead. The Coach should find the correct workout strategies for the team, so the playing abilities of the players can be increased.


Fitness training is especially important at an elite level in focusing in injury prevention. Even if the athletes are highly trained, the season will drain their energy and will be a very challenging time (even for the fittest of players). The first few weeks in pre-season training might consist of double sessions and this training is very severe but the pressure decreases once the regular season starts. The advantage and purpose behind the appropriate training for basketball is getting the players prepared and all set so they can give their best performance in the basketball season by focusing on concepts such as progressive overload and specialised training sessions.


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The main objective of designing a basketball conditioning program is to successfully prepare the team within given time. All players should be expected to show their best possible effort and focus on this aspect of their training the same as any other. For senior players who may not be professional athlete’s strength or conditioning sessions can be planned away from team sessions to maximise time and preparation. This of course relies on athletes making the most of their time and completing the tasks as required by the teams conditioning plan.


As a coach you need to investigate, understand and appreciate the demands for the basketball conditioning in order to prepare your team well enough for the season. Find out answers to questions like:


  • What is your schedule like?
  • When does your team need to be initially prepared to start the season?
  • How long does the season go for and what elements if fitness will you be working on and when?
  • When you make it to the post season what conditioning training will you focus on?
  • How will you manage injuries within your team environment?
  • Can you get access to a Strength and Conditioning Coach?


A key person within any team (if available) will be the Strength and Conditioning Coach. A Strength and Conditioning Coach bares the responsibility to help the players shape up and get in their best personal condition so that they can meet the needs of the rigorous practice and the tough schedule that they will have to face once the basketball season starts.


The conditioning for basketball with proper coaching will help the players get physically fit and they will learn about handling stress and competition in the upcoming season of basketball.

Coach Riches has been working within the sport, business and education industries for many years. During this time he has built an extensive number of formal and informal qualifications. A firm believer in training and development designed to help people reach their full potential, relevant o their needs and functional to their industry environment.

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