Functional Basketball Coaching Launch – A New Day Begins

Functional Basketball Coaching welcomes you to its new website!


Functional Basketball Coaching or FBC as you will sometimes see us referenced by is a sports consultancy organisation. We are specialists in the sport of basketball as well as a wide range of general sports topics.


If you are a sports coach looking to gain an advantage in the highly competitive and ever changing sporting landscape then this blog is for you. Sign-up today to receive the blog via e-mail. Just enter your details into the service areas provided throughout the website. Our blog is updated every few days so be sure to check back regularly to find out what is hot and on the minds of our sports consultants.


Additionally Functional Basketball Coaching provides consultancy services on a wide range of topics some of these which no doubt will be of interest include:


  • Sport Program Evaluations
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Public Speaking
  • Mentoring
  • Educational Resources
  • Planning and Sports Management Resources
  • Commissioned Analysis


For the basketball enthusiast and coach we will provide further detailed discussion and comment about basketball including:


  • Technical: individual player skill development
  • Tactical: multiple player and team strategy
  • Physiological: strength and conditioning exercises
  • Psychological: mental techniques and strategies


Have a look around the Functional Basketball Coaching website today find out how we can be of service to you individually, or your business and organisation.




From the Functional Basketball Coaching Team

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Coach Riches has been working within the sport, business and education industries for many years. During this time he has built an extensive number of formal and informal qualifications. A firm believer in training and development designed to help people reach their full potential, relevant o their needs and functional to their industry environment.

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