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What is Leadership in Sport?

Leadership is always an interesting conversation point when talking specifically about the sports realm. Coaches spend a lot of time discussing how to develop good leaders as a vital component to the success of any team. Leadership is also a discussion point around individual players and the characteristics or attributes that might be of significance in helping everybody achieve more.

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Operational Planning

Operational planning is about looking into the immediate future for your sports organisation, program or team. The timeline for an operational plan is between one and three years. When thinking about the scope of your operational plans focus on all the activities that are vital to the day to day running of the entity.

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Functional Basketball Coaching Launch – A New Day Begins

Functional Basketball Coaching welcomes you to its new website!


Functional Basketball Coaching or FBC as you will sometimes see us referenced by is a sports consultancy organisation. We are specialists in the sport of basketball as well as a wide range of general sports topics.

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