Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill

It does not matter if you are trying to develop a good fast break or offensive transition the Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill can be of use to your team. The Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill focuses on giving two players working within a fast break breakdown, the opportunity to work on the fundamentals of a successful offensive transition. The Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill offers an opportunity to practice basic skills such as rebounding, outletting of the ball, dribbling in the full court, lane running and attacking the basket.


The Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill is a fantastic drill as a starting point for having your players combine the basics of transition basketball with conditioning. It is a drill which can be varied depending on your team’s offensive transition system by changing the running lanes and spots to run to.


When using the Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill focus on players hitting the limit of their maximum speed all the times and being able to execute the technical skills while in this zone. This will inevitably lead to your players being able to perform better under pressure and at pace more often in games. The ability for your players to be able to compete at the pace needed starts right from the earliest breakdowns and as a coach you should never miss an opportunity, a drill, or a repetition to focus on this point.


To utilise the Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill effectively focus on the following points:


  • Ensure that right from the rebound the drill is executed at game pace; no matter the conditioning level of your player’s fast break situations and offensive transition drills are never performed working exclusively on technical skills.
  • Focus on the rebounding technique of the interior player to ensure they remain strong with a stance that is low and wide when turning to make the outlet pass.
  • The rebounder should not execute the pass until vision has been made by both offensive players
  • The dribbler should look to cross halfway within three dribbles at the most
  • It is never the dribbler who needs to slow-up but the lane runner who must become quicker
  • Upon reaching the point position on the offensive end the dribbler should look to jump-stop and pass fake or shot fake before making to scoring pass to the lane runner. Alternatively the player can head fake and attack either elbow of the keyway to simulate engaging the sagging defender by moving into a scoring position.


In transition never use the bounce pass to a player at speed; this is because it only serves to increase the difficulty of the catch when the player is moving quick and ball is moving slow.

Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill Diagram 1
Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill Diagram 1

One (1) starts with ball and throws it against backboard.


Two (2) makes lead for ball.


One (1) outlets the pass to Two (2).

Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill Diagram 2
Duke 2 Man Fast Break Drill Diagram 2

One (1) runs a wide lane touching sideline “T” and then cuts to basket for lay-up before moving out of key for ready to receive outlet pass.


Two (2) dribbles ball to point position passing to One (1) for lay-up. Two (2) follows pass and rebounds the shot.


Two (2) makes outlet pass to One (1) and drill is repeated.


Point of Emphasis:


  • Game pace
  • Use correct techniques for rebound, passing, receiving and lay-up.
  • Run hard




  • Place defender in the key and allow offense to compete in 2 v 1 situation
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