Tennessee Shooting Drill

If you need a lot of shots put up in short amount of time, then the Tennessee Shooting Drill is for you. The Tennessee Shooting Drill is a fast paced drill focused around full court passing, conditioning and shooting. All three of these aspects are provided in plentiful amounts and will help any team increase the number of shots they take within a training session.


Some of the key points of emphasis in the Tennessee Shooting Drill are:


  • The drill must be performed at pace; one way to do this is to put a time limit on the drill or combine this with a scoring target. Be prepared to increase the scoring target as you team becomes more competent with the execution of the drill. This will constantly keep the team focused and on task while performing this drill.
  • Catch and pass on the run: players moving up and back are not allowed to dribble the ball. Players must practice catching and passing on the run and at pace. Players should use their hand furthest away from the passer as their target hand. Passes should be out in front of the receiver so they can run onto the ball without having to attempt to catch the ball behind them.
  • Players need to communicate; due to the nature of this drill there will be a lot of movement and passing happening all over the court. To ensure everyone knows where the next pass will be coming from all players should establish vision and verbally communication with each other prior to passing the ball.
  • Lead with your hands; the lane runners who become the jump-shooter must carry their hands and when in the half court need to continue moving until they receive the ball. To make this effective be sure to re-enforce good target hands and lead with the arms extended into the shooting spot.


The Tennessee Shooting Drill can be changed during the catch and shoot phase of the drill. Look to improve your teams overall development by incorporating your teams weakest element into this part of the drill. For example if your team struggles with shooting from the short corner have the lane runners crosser over and move to this position to receive the pass for the shot.

Tennessee Shooting Drill Diagram 1
Tennessee Shooting Drill Diagram 1

Four groups of players group on the foul line extended at each end of the court and on opposite sides of the sideline.


Three players start in transition lanes at one end of the floor.


Players run the floor passing until they reach lay-up distance where they pass is made into the middle lane on the split-line.


Both wing players (two and three) then cut to opposite sides of the key-way.

Tennessee Shooting Drill Diagram 2
Tennessee Shooting Drill Diagram 2

The player running the split-line retrieves the lay-up then turns to look for players (two and one) who pass the ball to previous outside lane runners (seven and six).


Players run the floor passing until they reach lay-up distance where they pass into the middle lane on the split-line for a lay-up.


Both wing players (two and three) then cut to opposite sides of the key-way.


The new middle lane runner retrieves the ball from the net following the lay-up.


The drill then starts again with three new lane players.


Target with time limit makes drill highly effective and increases intensity.

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