2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill

2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill
2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill Diagram 1

The 2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill looks to prepare players for reading on the run. In many fast break situations both the offense and defence number each other equally and so good choices need to be made as to if there is an advantage to exploited or if not. In cases where the here is no advantage, the ball should be slowed down for set-up into the half-court offense of the team. This slowing of the ball though does not mean that no options cannot be explored. The 2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill looks to simulate this situation by combining a number of different variables together and forcing players to react faster and instinctively.


The 2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill starts with four lines of players across the halfway line of a court. No line is either offense or defence. However, two of the lines will form one team (Circles) while the other two lines for another team (Triangles).

2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill Diagram 1
2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill Diagram 1

Who is on offense or defence will be determined by whom the coach passes the basketball to.


The Coach starts with the ball and dribbles/walks across the halfway line. At any moment, the coach can pass/hand the ball to any player in one of the four lines.


In the diagram above the Coach starts walking across the court and passes the ball to Two (2). This means Two (2) and One (1) are on offense and the opposing two lines become defence (Three and Four).


Fast break principles should be implemented within the 2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill and players should be discouraged from taking poor shots for the sake of shooting the ball. If the defence recovers and stifles the offense. Then the offensive players should utilise tactical elements such as an on-ball screen or drive and relocate.


By instructing offensive players to not allow the ball to simply be held up will allow options to be explored that can lead to scoring opportunities from when a fast break finishes, to when the half-court offense starts. This will in turn eliminate “gaps” from within a team’s offense. By always challenging and probing an oppositions defence the offense will be able to seize upon breakdowns and weaknesses that are shown.




Once players start to make a higher percentage of correct choices within the 2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill. Add another line to the each team so now the situation is 3 v 3. This will put more bodies on the court and create a greater amount of confusion.


Another option is to move the starting point further and further down the court. Extending the distance the ball has to travel to the basket makes the challenge for the offense all the more significant.


The 2 v 2 Evens Fast Break Drill is a simplistic activity that makes it suitable for a wide range of different playing levels. Taking the time to implement and gain some success for this fast break drill will result in a more efficient offense and better reads taken by players on the court.

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