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Jump Stop vs. Stride Stop

The Jump Stop and Stride Stop are two of the more fundamental techniques every player in basketball will need to master in order to develop their game at any level. While both techniques do a similar job, they do have different uses and have an effect on the outcome of a situation through the use of one over the other.

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Avoid these Six Mistakes Made Concerning Youth Development

At the heart of grass root’s programs is Youth Development. Youth development involves the focus of resources on the progression of individuals and the fulfilment of their potential. It is true that not every player will have the desire to play at the highest levels of the sport because of the commitment and sacrifice required.

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Teaching the Shot Fake

The Shot Fake is one of the great supplementary skills a basketball player can develop to help gain an advantage. The Shot Fake has the ability to confuse and physically shift a defender, which can be exploited in the form of a timing, foot speed or uncontested shot advantage by an offensive player.

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Low Post Repetition Drill

The Low Post Repetition Drill is a bread and butter activity for young and old post players alike. The Low Post Repetition Drill can be used as a warm-up activity or as an option that is used for specialised development during a training session for low post and back to the basket players.

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What is Drill Progression?

Drill Progression should be about the linking of activities based on a specific ethos of progressive development. In a poor situation however, drill progression can be a haphazard journey that leads to extended timelines for development and progression of the individual. Planning and selecting the right types of drills to be linked together will lead to a smooth transition from one stage of development to another.

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