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7 Principles of Attacking a Press

When facing a Press there are a number of different principles that will help limit the impact of the traps effectiveness against a team. These principles are not strategies, but rather basic technical skills and tactics that will help develop consistency and effectiveness of a strategy against a press no matter the offensive philosophy or system being employed.

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1-4 Offense: Kentucky Turn Out

The 1-4 Offense: Kentucky Turn Out Play provides some opportunities early for quick scoring offense while still allowing for a standard offensive flow to happen. As always with 1-4 Offense sees the defence pulled away from the basket and having to play higher in the half court or risk offensive players being left open for long-range shots.

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Zone Offense: Interior Players Sealing on Ball Rotation

Fine-tuning a Zone Offense can be a very challenging task for players and their coaches. Many coaches tend to focus on the pattern of executing a team offense against a zone, rather than breaking down the individual roles within the offense. The key to being able to break down a zone offense is making each movement within any offensive structure a possible scoring opening.

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Developing a Transition Offense

A good Transition Offense can be a very tool for a team to possess. As one of the vital Phases in a team’s offensive strategy, it is a need rather than a want. In basketball if a team does not have an effective primary transition then they are doomed to always be playing catch-up to the shot clock.

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1-4 Patterned Motion Offense: Crossover Cut

The 1-4 Patterned Motion Offense is a fantastic basketball play for teams to utilise. As a starting point for teams to implement as part of their initial playbook the continuity of the offense makes it very easy to learn and perform.


For senior teams the 1-4 Patterned Motion Offense Crossover Cut Play should be used as an option for a base or core play.

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