1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill

The 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill is a great activity for bring speed to the equation of a “Live” scenario. As with all one on one situations this drill looks to expose both and offensive and defensive players to an environment where there is no help, no relief from the pressure of having to score, or in the instance of the defender having to make a stop. Both players involved in the 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill will be challenged and will be forced to improve their offensive and defensive awareness to the point of being able to play at game pace without even noticing it.


The key feature of the 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill is that it features the additional principle of speed. The drill is step-up with both players moving at great speed when the ball in passed in to start play. This will see the offensive player having to catch the ball in a majority of cases moving away from the basket or risk the defender sliding into the passing lane. This situation would change of course if the offensive player is naturally quicker than the defender, but this is discouraged and a coach should look to match evenly paced players together so the maximum effect from this aspect of the 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill and ensure the situation is experienced.


For the defender the situation is slightly different in that the 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill provides an opportunity for the defender to gamble on what to do when defending the offensive receiver prior to catching the ball. The defender if they feel they can manage to deny the pass and secure a deflection or steal then this will be one option available to them. The other choice is to simply contain the player and ride them away from the basket so the offensive player starts in as poor a position as possible.


The choice behind weather a defender should try to deflect or steal a pass will come down to the players ability as much as the coach’s philosophy on this situation. Built within the 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill however is the perfect training situation under which a player can start to development, practice and refine that ability to make this read with a higher degree of consistency and accuracy.

1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill Diagram 1
1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill Diagram 1

The 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill starts with both players situated at the foul line. The offensive player is on the strong side elbow, with the defensive player position on the split line.


Two cones are position in front of each player on the base line.


The two players on the call of the coach have to sprint around the cones on the baseline and out to the wing position (foul line extended).


The coach providing the lead is well executed by One (1) will initiate a pass to the offensive player.


From the moment the players start out from the foul line, the 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill is live and a one on one situation that only finishes when either the offensive player scores or the defender secures possession.


Points of Emphasis


  • The drill must be executed at game pace
  • The defence should be encouraged to at least try and deflect the pass from time to time




Once the offensive player becomes more comfortable with the movement of the 1 on 1 Wing Chaser Drill another way to challenge the offensive player is to limit the amount of dribbles they can draw upon to score with. This will make the lead for the ball even more significant as the player will not be able to lead a long way away from the desired receiver spot close to the three-point line.

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