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Why Players have a lack of Power when Passing

Passing is one of the most commonly used offensive skills in basketball. All offensive systems from fast breaks, offensive transition, and all manner of half court offences all rely on passing to help create opportunities by shifting the ball and defenders. If a team’s passing is poor then as a result the team’s offense and points production will be affected negatively.

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Passing Starts with Your Feet

Passing is one of the cornerstone skills a player must master if they are to be able to play at any level of competition in basketball. Without effective passing amongst a team, many opportunities will never be explored or even realised within a team’s offensive possession. Poor passing is really about attention to detail at the fundamental level of the skill.

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3 Strategies to Help with Delegating Play Calling to a Player

Play Calling is the action of instructing what the next play will be on offense. It is one of the single toughest responsibilities to master and one of the hardest for a coach to be able to relinquish to their Point Guard (or any player). In fact, there are some coaches who will never pass the responsibilities of play calling to a player on their team.

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Skill Related Components of Fitness and Basketball

The Components of Fitness is a term given to grouping of aspects relating to conditioning and attributes athletes can work on for sport. The components of fitness include Strength, Power, Speed, Endurance, Balance, Coordination, Reaction Time, Muscular Endurance,

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