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Basketball Player Positions Explained: Center

Probably the rarest of all basketball positions is a specialised Center (C). In basketball, the C brings together a number of specialised skills and attributes which make it one of the most dominate and unique positions in the sport. Because of the mixture of the physical and skill based requirements finding a C,

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Making the Right Read on Help Defence in the Half Court

One of the keys to a good Help Defence is the ability for players to make the right reads during games. These reads help the players on defence to make the best possible decisions in real time. While coaches often talk about what to look for,

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The Forgotten Art of Shot Blocking: Technique Breakdown

Shot Blocking is one of the most intimidating skills offensive teams face from help defence. In many instances, shot blocking is highly desirable as skill that can add another layer to a team’s defensive capabilities. Shot blocking however is not for every player and like being able to create and take a charge,

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Deciding when to Trigger Post Help Defence Rotations

Selecting the right type of Post Help Defence strategy to have can greatly help with a team’s ability to deal with a superior or significant opposition post player. Having a defined post strategy going into a game can help deal with potential issues and limit the ability for your opposition to execute a vital part of their offense.

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Vision in the Flat Triangle

The heart and soul of a good defensive unit is not that each individual is a fantastic defensive player, but that the Help Defence is ready, willing and able to make the right read. For a truly great defensive unit to be created it requires a shift in mindset by players from guarding the ball one on one,

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