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Bump the Cutter Drill

The Bump the Cutter Drill is a great activity for focusing on the defence of stopping cutters gaining good positioning around the keyway. For the offense the focus is on cutting for the ball and for the defence focuses on denying easy reception in an advantageous position.

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Contesting Drill – Overplay

The Contesting Drill helps defenders develop the ability to blend playing high-pressure denial defence with the ability to also defend the back cut.

In the Contesting Drill the coach starts with the ball. The coach can dribble to either side attempting to create a passing lane.

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Carrying Hands to Contest the Shot

In junior forms of the sport of basketball Carrying Hands to Contest the Shot can have a great effect on the performance of offensive players. In the senior levels of the sport carrying hands to contest the shot is a given and one of the “just expected” range of skills players will be predetermined as having.

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Vision in the Flat Triangle

The heart and soul of a good defensive unit is not that each individual is a fantastic defensive player, but that the Help Defence is ready, willing and able to make the right read. For a truly great defensive unit to be created it requires a shift in mindset by players from guarding the ball one on one,

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Quarter Court Defensive Zig Zag Drill Fab 5


Defending on the ball is a challenging skill for any player young or old and the Quarter Court Defensive Zig Zag Drill helps players master this advanced high order skill. Defending the ball in the half-court is vital for any player. However being able to extend that pressure into the full court is the difference between a competitive and a highly successful team.

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