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Getting the Most Out of Your Team Manager

A Team Manager is really the most important person within a program. The Team Manager makes all the logistics that go into the behind the scenes and just general running of a program come together. For many coaches however relying on a single person so much can be challenging and in many ways be difficult as their relationship is one of being a peer unlike all others within the team setting where the coach is the leader in many instances.

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4 Warning Signs that there is an Issue with your Basketball Drill

Every coach uses Basketball Drills. Drills form part of the process by which technical and tactical skills are taught and reviewed. Basketball Drills help a coach to break up complex learning outcomes into smaller chucks that can be isolated and focused upon more succinctly. So a player’s development can be consistent and holistic.

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First Training Session of a New Season

The First Training Session of a new season can be quite the challenge even for an experienced coaches. There are any number of tasks to be undertaken which will help with the rest of the season in planning, implementation and ongoing management of the team. The first training session for a new coach will be a time to settle their nerves and start to implement their philosophy.

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Teaching and Learning Cycle

The Teaching and Learning Cycle is a remarkably simple way of thinking about the instruction and learning steps a player and team progress through on their way to developing knowledge, skills and ultimately competence. The Teaching and Learning Cycle is not overly complicated by for many coaches this simple progression will be all that is needed in framing what and how to instruct during their training sessions and games.

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1 v 1 From the Wing Drill

The 1 v 1 From the Wing Drill is a fantastic drill for providing a controlled environment for an offensive or defensive player to hone their skills. By implementing the desired team principles, a coach has for the offense and defence the fundamental principles of the team can be put in place early to later be built upon.

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