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Two Ball Screen and Roll Drill

The Two Ball Screen and Roll Drill provides a very good scenario for practicing one of the poorest tactical elements performed by screeners; Rolling to the basket. All too often in basketball games many advantageous situations go wanting because a screener fails to roll to the basket and fully exhaust the options available.

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Pass, Cut and Defend Drill

The Pass, Cut and Defend Drill looks to help players with the basics of offense and defence around a cut to the basket. Cutting on offense in basketball is the most fundamentally used movement tactics. Sometimes employed to be a scoring opportunity and in other situations a cut is used as a way to create player movement or space.

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Bump the Cutter Drill

The Bump the Cutter Drill is a great activity for focusing on the defence of stopping cutters gaining good positioning around the keyway. For the offense the focus is on cutting for the ball and for the defence focuses on denying easy reception in an advantageous position.

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Four Out Offense: Triple Screen

The Four Out Offense is a very popular formation in basketball. The Four Out Offense, sometimes called the Single Post offense is used by teams with either a very effective post player or teams that struggle to generate post offense. Either way the offense provides a single post target within the many scoring options.

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Rubbing Shoulders on the Screen: Doing the Small Things Right

Rubbing Shoulders on the Screen in basketball is one of the simplest ways to increase the effectiveness of any team’s offense. Many teams utilise any number of different screening options in their general offensive play. Variations such as on-ball or off-ball are the two groupings that can discussed broadly,

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