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Princeton Offense: Dribble Entry Option

The Princeton Offense has long been a very popular system for coaches. This is because the Princeton Offense as a basis for a team’s offense provides a high degree of continuity. It is this continuity that helps many young and developing teams “find” scoring opportunities not necessarily by skill,

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Princeton Offense: High Post Hand-Off

The Princeton Offense has a high degree of continuity so it will always provide a solid option for those teams looking to implement a system that provides a continuous array of options.


The High Post Hand-Off Play is no different to any Princeton Offense, but has a slight variation on the rotations used to mirror the standard movement.

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Introduction to the Princeton Offense

The Princeton offense is a variation of the shuffle offense, for the modern game of basketball. The Princeton offense was developed to focus on modern aspects of the game of basketball such as focusing on creating space and balance for shooters, utilising post offense opportunities and the development of the shot clock.

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