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2-3 Match-Up Zone Defence: Featuring Trapping Post from Weak Side Guard

Most coaches would have seen a standard 2-3 Zone Defence, but there are opportunities to add in some elements that change this standard defence, to a 2-3 Match-up Zone Defence. With a few variations to the standard zone defence rotations, the normal weaknesses of the 2-3 Zone Defence can be nullified and force opposition offenses to adapt in game to meet the new defensive demands.

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Princeton Offense: High Post Hand-Off

The Princeton Offense has a high degree of continuity so it will always provide a solid option for those teams looking to implement a system that provides a continuous array of options.


The High Post Hand-Off Play is no different to any Princeton Offense, but has a slight variation on the rotations used to mirror the standard movement.

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Flex Offense: Screener Isolation

The Flex Offense is a favourite of many coaches and has become a highly developed offensive philosophy in its own right. A variation to add depth to the possible options available is the Screener Isolation Play. Within the Flex Offense the Screener Isolation Play places a player on one side of the floor and the rest of the team on the other.

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