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Pick and Roll Offense: High Screen with Ball Reversal

As with any Pick and Roll Offense, the focus is on creating mismatches through on-ball screens. The Pick and Roll Offense, High Screen with Ball Reversal Play is no different. An initial high on-ball screen is used as an opportunity to gain a quick scoring opportunity with prospects developed behind the screen for a ball reversal and further scoring options to follow.

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Pick and Roll Offense: High Screen the Screener (Quick Hitter)

The Pick and Roll Offense presents a number of great options for Quick Hitter Plays. The High Screen the Screener Play is one of these options. Pick and Roll offense High Screen the Screener Play can be run with only a minimal amount of time and used as a quick hitter or isolation option.

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Box Offense: Lift to High On-Ball

The Box Offense is useful in condensing defenders early in the set-up of an offense. This formation helps position defensive players towards the basket so if moving away from the basket the offensive players should find receiving a pass easier. Against defensive teams playing full denial,

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Shuffle Offense: Dual Cut to On-Ball

The Shuffle Offense is always a favourite for rapidly shifting players from one side of the floor to the other with the Shuffle Cut. The Dual Cut to On-Ball Play is no different with the Shuffle Cut bringing a player away from the strong side of the floor to over load the weak side creating multiple cut opportunities to keep defenders always shifting and challenging their ability to establish good help defence positions.

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UCLA Offense: Strong Side Overload with On-Ball

The UCLA Offense is a staple for many coaches when selecting a tried and proven offensive strategy. There are few offensive philosophies that have had such rigorous testing and retesting as the UCLA Offense.


The Strong Side Overload with On-Ball Play is a specially designed to provide a wide range of scoring opportunities with a variety of different actions to confuse and put the defence on the back foot.

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