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How to Create a Mismatch in Offense

There are many different reasons why a mismatch in offense can be of benefit to a team. A mismatch is simply put, a desired scenario where the offensive player has an advantage over the defensive player. Most of the time people tend to talk about a mismatch being exclusively focused on a player’s size,

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Pick and Roll Offense: High Screen the Screener (Quick Hitter)

The Pick and Roll Offense presents a number of great options for Quick Hitter Plays. The High Screen the Screener Play is one of these options. Pick and Roll offense High Screen the Screener Play can be run with only a minimal amount of time and used as a quick hitter or isolation option.

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UCLA Offense: Strong Side Fill

The UCLA Offense is one of the staples in many basketball coaches bank of plays. The UCLA Offense blends a number of very simple principles together to make a highly effective and efficient offense. The formation for the set-up of the Strong Side Fill Play described in this article is just one of many variations that can be found centring on the UCLA Offense philosophy.

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