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UCLA Offense: Dual Point Cut

The UCLA Offense is very effective at using screening actions to create mismatches and advantages for an offense. The UCLA Offense Dual Point Cut Play looks to create space in the middle of the floor by rotating players quickly and then isolating an interior player deep in the post. The UCLA Offense Dual Point Cut Play can be run straight out of a primary transition or as a walk up offense in the half court.

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UCLA Offense: High Double Screen

The UCLA Offense High Double Screen Play is a variation on the standard UCLA Offense. The variation is based around a weak side double screen that allows a back cut as the ball is lifting and pulling all defenders out of the keyway.

The UCLA Offense starts with a pass from One (1) to Two (2).

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UCLA Offense: Strong Side Overload with On-Ball

The UCLA Offense is a staple for many coaches when selecting a tried and proven offensive strategy. There are few offensive philosophies that have had such rigorous testing and retesting as the UCLA Offense.


The Strong Side Overload with On-Ball Play is a specially designed to provide a wide range of scoring opportunities with a variety of different actions to confuse and put the defence on the back foot.

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UCLA Offense: Strong Side Fill

The UCLA Offense is one of the staples in many basketball coaches bank of plays. The UCLA Offense blends a number of very simple principles together to make a highly effective and efficient offense. The formation for the set-up of the Strong Side Fill Play described in this article is just one of many variations that can be found centring on the UCLA Offense philosophy.

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Breakdown of a UCLA Offense Series: Example 1

The UCLA Offense is a staple of many teams. Understanding how a play works is one challenge, having the vision and knowledge to be able to link a series of plays together however, is a powerful strategy. Having the understanding and foresight to link a number of plays not only makes your team harder to scout,

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