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1 v 1.5 Wing Attack Drill

The 1 v 1.5 Wing Attack Drill looks to promote scoring efficiency and effectiveness from the wing position in the half court. Many drills that focus on individual offense in the half court often look to have players match-up in a one on one situation and have the goal of the drill being the offensive player beating the defender to finish with a lay-up or close range scoring opportunity.

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Stride Stop Shooting Drill

The Stride Stop Shooting Drill is a fantastic activity for developing a player’s ability to use the stride stop technique within their shooting action. The stride stop is a very important technique for players to be able to utilise to increase the speed of their shot release. Especially in the senior levels of basketball competition,

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Three Spot Individual Offense Drill

The Three Spot Individual Offense Drill is a solid drill for introducing one on one offensive principles to players. This drill is primary focused around the junior ranks of player development, but there are some variations that make the drill more beneficial for older players. The Three Spot Individual Offense Drill is easy for a coach to manage and is great for having a number of players involved in activity with a high degree of player movement.

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