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Preparing for Tournament Play: Scouting

Scouting is one of the more important aspects to a coach’s preparation for a tournament. For many coaches the act of scouting itself has a number of flow on effects within the team’s preparation and overall scheduling of events during a tournament. Developing a deeper understanding about scouting when heading into a tournament situation can therefore have a significant impact on an outcome as well as the how time is spent.

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Beware: Under-Estimating a Programs Resource Commitment to LTAD

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programs are a common starting point for many systems related to the focus on an athlete centred approach to training. LTAD programs generally look at a longer-term approach to the development of the athlete so there is more consistency across a range of areas such as technical,

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3 v 3 Rotating Rebound Drill

The 3 v 3 Rotating Rebound Drill looks to help players in developing their rebounding abilities by providing and extension onto of a player’s technical skill development. The focus of the drill is on players working to not only apply half court man-to-man defensive principles with rebounding responsibilities,

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Discussing No Court Time with a Player

No Court Time for a player no matter the age is of concern. Amateur or professional, all players would like to feel as they have contributed to a team’s success and played their part in the performance of the group. Most players rate their value to a program as being directly related to the amount of time they are receiving within a game.

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Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning

Coaches often search for the smallest details to give them the edge and some principles imbedded in Cambourne’s Conditions of Learning might just be a way of gaining that advantage. Doctor Brian Cambourne develop a set of seven conditions which lead to enhanced learning. These different conditions if present within the learner’s experiences help to make efforts in teaching more efficient and effective.

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