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Health Related Components of Fitness and Basketball

The Health related components of fitness form one half of the components of fitness. The other group of components of fitness are called skill related. The Health related components of fitness include Body Composition, Cardiovascular Fitness, Flexibility, Muscle Endurance and Strength.

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Individual Conditioning and Fitness for Basketball Athletes

The amazing level of individual conditioning and fitness needed can be seen by anyone who watches a game of Basketball. The sport of basketballĀ is a dynamic and electrifying game, which consists of jumping, sprinting, quick and explosive movements. When you throw in the skill and size of the athletes you truly see a picture of what elite sports is all about and why basketball is one of the most popular sports on the globe.

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Periodisation: Core Concepts

Periodisation in basketball at its simplest is about planning. It is planning with the purpose to give your team the best possible opportunity to do well. Periodisation when it is mapped correctly and implemented well is a fantastic part of a successful program. The flip side to this results in players being prone to injury,

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