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Primary Transition: Sideline Overload

The Sideline Overload Primary Transition is a very functional tactic in moving the ball from one end of the floor to the other. The Sideline Overload Primary Transition has a number of benefits that help increase speed of play and possible high percentage scoring opportunities close to the basket out of the transition offense phase.

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The Many different Phases of Offense

There are many different Phases of Offense within a game of basketball. These phases of offenses define the structure and follow the natural progression of the offensive flow involved in basketball. These different phases as a coach help to fill the “gaps” that can appear in your strategic thinking about game tactics.

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The Importance of Primary and Secondary Offensive Transition

Offensive transition has a special place in most coach’s hearts. For many coaches offensive transition is one of the first offences they ever run and if you started in the junior ranks of coaching then the transition offence would have been the most frequent offense your team utilised.

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