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Explaining Shot Selection to Players

Shot Selection tends to be one of the most difficult aspects of basketball for players to understand and master. Shot selection has both a tactical and personal aspect for players. Communicating this information to players however can be challenging because of the need for them to blend their abilities with the tactical system put in place.

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6 Simple Ideas to Improve Spacing

Spacing is always a common problem facing teams in basketball. Many times throughout training sessions and games alike spacing will have a negative effect on a team’s offensive production. This problem is not just found at the junior levels of the sport either, it is an issue that faces seniors and elite levels of the sport as well.

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The Many different Phases of Offense

There are many different Phases of Offense within a game of basketball. These phases of offenses define the structure and follow the natural progression of the offensive flow involved in basketball. These different phases as a coach help to fill the “gaps” that can appear in your strategic thinking about game tactics.

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