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Father Judge Passing Drill

The Father Judge Passing Drill looks to help players with leading for the ball and passing in the full court. All too often drills which focus on passing fail to do so in game realistic movements, focusing more on the accuracy and making the distance in passing rather than the tactical aspects.

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Three Lane Passing Drill

The Three Lane Passing Drill is a simple full court passing activity. The purpose of the Three Lane Passing Drill is to put players into a high speed, passing on the run situation so they develop the ability to become competent at passing, catching and laying the ball up at pace.

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Advice for Teaching the Technique of the Lay-up for Junior Players

Missing Lay-ups is one of those scenarios many coaches face on a daily basis with their young and developing teams. This is a common problem and one that is compounded by the fact that the reasons for this issue are often overlooked. As one of the fundamental offensive skills taught in basketball it comes as no surprise this also the most important for junior players to develop.

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4 vs. 3 Fast Break Options

The 4 vs. 3 Fast Break options are the final stage of development for a team to examine when they decide to explore scoring principles within the first phase of their offense. Anything above a four person fast break should lead not into instinctive fast break situation which allows for more fluid reads,

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3 vs. 2 Fast Break Offense Options

Being able to have your team execute in advantage situations is vital and the 3 vs. 2 Fast Break is one of these scenarios. If your team is fortunate enough to be presented with a situation that gives them a player advantage as a coach you want the only outcome to be a high percentage scoring option.

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