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The Seven Principles of Success against Zone Defence

Every coach has experienced issues when coaching against a Zone Defence. If as a coach, you have not experienced an issue it is only a matter of time until it happens. Playing against a zone should be no different to facing up against an effective man-to-man defence however,

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Motion Offense Principles versus Zone Defence

Motion Offense versus a zone defence is one of the most effective ways to produce scoring opportunities without relying on set plays. The strength of the motion offense against a zone defence is in the ability for scoring prospects to happen from reads, rather than looking for a particular shot,

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Flex Offense verse Zone Defence; Variation Screener Pop

Typically those coaches utilising the Flex strategy will change into a different tactic when they face zone defence. This is because the Flex offense traditionally in its standard form struggles with the challenges posted by a lack of defensive movement and spacing on the court.


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