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Basketball Coaching for Longevity

Any coach worth their salt will tell you Basketball Coaching is a very challenging and demanding activity. Basketball Coaching because of the competitive nature of sport means there is always a very high level of energy and effort that is demanded. In addition, by the very nature of sport there is always a shortage of coaches while programs are growing and so many coaches have to coach across a number of teams and competitions.

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5 Rules of Basketball Coaching for Beginners

Basketball Coaching can be a very daunting activity for new and experienced coaches alike. Experienced coaches however, that have been coaching for a while will have developed, through their own mistakes, a list of rules, strategies or habits that will assist in making the roles and responsibilities of a basketball coach easier.

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The Difference between Coaching and Mentoring

There are many terms that as coaches are often pushed around the table when it comes to the role of one person. Two that are commonly used are coaching and mentoring. But as a coach do you really know the difference between a coach or a mentor?

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How to Build a Coaching Support Network

Building a Coaching Support Network is one of the best steps any coach can do in promoting their own knowledge about the sport of basketball. For coaches at all levels a Coaching Support Network can provide some vital input in helping to make significant decisions. Depending on the coach and their level of experience,

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Why You Should Become a Mentor

As a senior or experienced coach there are many things to do with your time outside of trying to fill a role as a mentor. You can go and watch any number of basketball games, spend time with your family or even pour more time into a business and work commitments you might have.

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