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Situations that demand Special Plays

Special Plays are a necessary part of basketball. A coach must use special plays to help fill in the gaps around the edges of general play. These special plays are purpose built to deal with situations that arise on a  regular basis. What is hoped by introducing special plays is to create a higher chance for success by preparing for these situations specifically,

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Jump Ball: Screen Back (Defensive Tip)

A Jump Ball might only happen once a game but it still should produce some sort of offense for a team. Many teams will never practice a jump ball play and just be happy to “have a go”. For this reason, a team that does practice the jump-ball situation can usually derive some scoring opportunities if for no other reason than the element of surprise.

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Jump Ball: Two-Man Split

While there is only one Jump Ball situation in a game (depending on the rules you are utilising) this can set the mood early for a team’s opening period. The jump ball can be a very easy scoring opportunity for a team that looks to push for a structured offensive possession.

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