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4 Common Mistakes made when Goal Setting

Goal Setting continues to be the one of the most talked about topics in both sports and business in general. While many people try to implement goal setting into their regular options when working with teams or individuals, there is still a very big difference between understanding around the topic that enables success,

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Quotes for Coaching: Teamwork

Quotes help highlight sometimes what is not always easy to communicate about Teamwork. Quotes are sometimes a useful way also approaching topics within the team that are fraught with conflict or emotion such as honesty, trust and living with mistakes.


When looking to use a quote around teamwork remember that the quote is only a way of starting the discussion and to be effective you need to allow for the opportunity of team discussion around the topic.

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Quotes for Coaching: Down at Half-time

Every coach has been down at halftime and looking for something to say to change the mindset of their players, a quote might be just that switch needed to turn your team’s performance on. In some cases as a coach, you feel frustration, disappointment, but none of those things will help you to inspire and motivate your team to get up and overcome the adversity in front of them.

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Quotes for Coaching: Motivation and Inspiration

Quotes are a tool that many coaches use to help set the context for a discussion or situation. Quotes can be a fantastic tool that can be used as a starting point for a discussion or as a concluding point about a topic. Quotes can be used in the game or training sessions and can be included in your pre-game talk or your teams playbook.

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