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How to Select a Team Captain

The Team Captain is a very important role within any sporting environment. In general, this is a role upon which great expectations are placed upon by both a coach and also the team’s members. A team captain will have a number of different desirable characteristics, and the internet is littered with information about what a good leader looks like and these can easily be linked to the same types of attributes commonly desired across most sports.

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What is Leadership in Sport?

Leadership is always an interesting conversation point when talking specifically about the sports realm. Coaches spend a lot of time discussing how to develop good leaders as a vital component to the success of any team. Leadership is also a discussion point around individual players and the characteristics or attributes that might be of significance in helping everybody achieve more.

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How a Team Captain can be a Good Leader

A Team Captain within any group is a very valuable avenue for leadership to be displayed through. In many situations a Team Captain can succeed as a change agent where a Coach or Manager may not be able to gain consensus. Taking the time to discuss the responsibilities with a player in the role of Team Captain is a very important activity that all coaches must undertake.

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Leadership Roles within Your Teams

Leadership is and always has been one of the big buzz words around team sports. Individual player motivation and inspiration are closely linked to the effectiveness of leadership within a playing group. Leadership within a sporting or even in the commercial context has been a long studied and researched part of human society and culture.

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