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1-3-1 Patterned Offense: Basic

The 1-3-1 Patterned Offense is a simple offense that can be useful as a starting set for young teams or can be the basis of a number of variations for more senior teams. The 1-3-1 Patterned Offense is a continuity offense which means it will continue to be run from one side of the floor to the other providing players maintain their spacing and position.

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2-2-1 Quarter Court Trap

2-2-1 Quarter Court Trap offers something a little different for coaches to utilise within their defensive options. The 2-2-1 Quarter Court Trap provides an option that is that little bit different to full court and half court options often seen for trapping. The 2-2-1 Quarter Court Trap also provides a slightly different formation to what many standard trapping formations utilise like the 1-2-2 or 1-2-1-1.

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Denial to the Wings Drill Fab 5

The Denial to Wings Drill has made it into the Fab 5 as it focuses on off the ball defending. Defending off the ball is as much a part of the team’s success as being able to contain the ball. However this important aspect of defending one pass away from the ball handler is often overlooked in comparison to the on ball and the split line defender.

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