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Thinking Strategically about your Starting Line-up

A coach will always have to make choices about a Starting Line-up for a number of different reasons. Sometimes a player will be performing exceptionally well in the team’s training sessions. Sometimes a player who is coming off the bench in games will start to put up better numbers or provide a service that is outshining the existing starter.

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Half Court Man-to-Man Defence Principles: Where to Push the Offensive Player

Heard of the Half Court Man-to-Man Defence? I am sure you have, as along with the 2-3 Zone Defence it is really the bread and butter of the majority of basketball teams on the planet. Understanding and having clear expectations about the Half Court Man-to-Man Defence rotations is one thing;

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Should a Defender Move out of Position to Deflect a Pass?

To Deflect a Pass a defender often has to move sometimes out of a good stance or even break free of their team defensive formation. The movement of deflecting a pass therefore creates a weakness within the overall defensive structure the team utilises. Whether this is a good choice though comes down ultimately to the defender making the right read,

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Why is our Zone Defence not Working?

A Zone Defence can be a wonderful thing when it is working. However, it can be just as effective in proving easy scoring opportunities for a team’s opposition if not executed well. Execution is one thing and knowing when use the zone defence efficiently is another. There are some fundamental reasons why a zone defence might not be working and with a little attention to detail these once significant problems can be overcome with ease.

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Understanding Defensive Transition

Defensive Transition can be one of the more mysterious facets of defence. Many coaches really only learn about defensive transition through watching, and then replicating what another coach does. While this is a great strategy for finding solutions, it however is not the always the best scenario under which to foster a deeper understanding about the transition phase of play.

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