Basketball Practice Plan Pack for Offensive Skills


Functional Basketball Coaching has put together a select group of activities and drills to help coaches promote their team’s understanding and development of the fundamentals concerning shooting, passing, dribbling and individual offence.

These activities have been formatted into three, easy to use forty minute warm-up packages to be utilised at the start of a training session.

Not sure how to create a basketball specific warm-up? Not confident in linking the fundamental skills together? What to make sure you are emphasising the right teaching points? Then Basketball Practice Plan Pack for Offensive Skills is for you.

Having a Basketball Practice Plan for Shooting with Individual Skills, Passing and Dribbling that helps coaches with the fundamentals is a vital asset for helping athletes under their direction as efficiently and effectively as possible. Functional Basketball Coaching has put together a group of activities that can be integrated into any training session as part of a warm-up phase and skill development emphasis. Focusing on the first forty minutes of your training session, the collection of drills and activities will help coaches set the tone for them to extend players during their training sessions and provide a blueprint to be rehearsed over the course of a season to help athletes with their proficiency of offensive skills.


Each basketball practice plan is collection of some of the most effective drills and skill focus areas to help athletes with their specific development. These drills have been formatted for coaches as part of their warm-up and initial technical development for the players under their supervision. There are three sessions in total focusing on:


  1. Shooting and Individual Offensive Skills
  2. Passing
  3. Dribbling


Practice Plan Features


By implementing the activities defined in the basketball practice plan athletes will develop sound principles required for their long affiliation with the sport of basketball. Each practice plan features:


  • Warm-up activities
  • Dynamic warm-up activities
  • Multiple drills focused on the technical instruction for anyone of individual offensive skill sets


Each activity and drill contains information about the timing, intensity, set-up, and points of emphasis to be discussed by coaches with their athletes.


Need some further information about the technique of shooting, passing or dribbling? Why not take a look at the various drills and articles around how to improve and athletes shooting technique on the Functional Basketball Coaching website.


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